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I am an integrative transpersonal therapist. This means I draw on various psychotherapeutic disciplines, including Jungian, psychodynamic, Gestalt, and nervous-system focused approaches. I consider both your life circumstance and history, as well as other factors such as your social background, generational influence, hopes and ambitions.

The therapeutic process works with many emotional difficulties, including anxiety, stress, depression, addiction, anger, sexuality, bereavement, loss of meaning and relationship issues.

A supportive, compassionate and trusting therapeutic relationship between client and practitioner is the cornerstone to work through issues. You may have specific things you would like to discuss or need support with, or you may be unsure of exactly what to bring. Working at your pace, I will endeavour to create a safe, caring environment to see what might emerge.

Initially we will talk about why you are thinking of working with a therapist. In the first session we will get to know one another a little. You can bring any questions or concerns you may have. We can also discuss whether we would like to proceed together and our next steps. 

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